How to wash a down jacket in the washing machine

How to wash a down jacket in the washing machine

For winter jackets, down is the most practical garment, and investing in an excellent quality down jacket helps. But the difficulty should be on how to properly care for the down jacket, along with machine washing to get the most out of the wash.

On this issue, I think you are not struggling with how to choose a laundry program, after all, nowadays washing machines are basically designed with a separate down laundry program. Now I'm going to talk to you about how to do it specifically with my own 6 years of experience in the washing industry.

Not all down jackets are machine washable

  • The surface coating is not suitable for machine washing because the coating is prone to dissolve and fall off during the friction of machine washing (the care of DWR coating will be dedicated to this next time). Some fashion brands are now offering mirror-coated down jackets, and I've repaired a few of them to really remind you of the machine washing tragedy

  • Easily discolored clothing is not suitable for mixed machine washing and can easily contaminate other clothing. The same goes for the leather patchwork category, as leather water immersion is prone to discoloration.

  • Other washing marks not machine washable clothes need to be handled carefully hand wash, if it is too much trouble directly to the laundry. Down jackets cannot be dry-cleaned and should be washed in water. The following diagram is attached for your reference with commonly used wash symbols.


How to machine wash a down jacket

  • Separate your clothes according to fabric and color, and wash light and dark colors separately to avoid color crosstalk. To be on the safe side, put Colour& Dirt Collector in every wash.

  • Down jacket pre-stain removal: due to the down jacket is usually worn for a long time, heavy stains are more, first to treat the local stains and then machine washing will be cleaner. It is not recommended to use alkaline washing products such as washing powder, which will easily fade the color of the clothes, so neutral washing liquid is preferred. If you don't want to use it at home, you can put some liquid detergent in the water close to your body temperature and use a soft brush to brush the dirty parts of your down jacket.

  • After pre-treatment, you can put the down jacket in the washing machine, but it is advisable to wrap the zipper, buttons, and other accessories and put them upside down to avoid friction damage to metal parts. If you want to effectively filter the floating hair during washing, you can also put in a fluff filter. Especially on the market a lot of washer-dryer, do not have a fluff filter, the subsequent drying time easy residual fluff in the drying pipe.

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