Is goose down better than duck down? Down Jacket Buying Guide

The key to judging the quality of down jackets is to look at those

Is goose down better than duck down

If you're going to buy a down jacket, whether it's a casual type or a super-specialized outdoor speaking type, the most basic concepts - filling, down, down content, filling, fluffiness - you're going to have to master understanding.



The most common fillings in down jackets are goose down and duck down, which can be divided into white and gray down by color. The order of down in the market according to the price is white goose down > grey goose down > white duck down > grey duck down. May be affected by the selling price of sorting, many people, therefore, think that these down in quality is also sorted in this way, but it is not.

The theoretical study of down and practical experience shows that color has little to do with the quality of the down and that the warmth and fluffiness of goose and duck down are not that different. As to why goose down is more expensive, one is that goose down produces less and the other is that it is finer and softer and longer. The long fibers make it fluffier and easier to keep warm.

PS: Smell the down, and if you find it pungent or smelly, just ignore it. Someone once explained that the reason goose down is more expensive than duck down is because goose down is odorless, white duck down is smelly. Duck and goose down are processed in the same way, and you should never buy down that smells (whether it is goose or duck down).

2、What is the composition of down

Down jackets contain down and feathers. The down is the hair that grows from the neck to the chest and abdomen of waterfowl such as geese and ducks without a stalk, and since the hair in this part of the body is often immersed in water, it is not only waterproof but also has the best ability to keep warm and resist cold. In addition, because the hairs in this part of the body do not have a stalk, they are very soft, the fibers are long and fluffy, and the folded volume is small, making it the best material for making down jackets. The warmth of feathers is more limited and not as good as fluff.

PS: Touch the inner layer of the down jacket, if you feel prickly, it means that the content of feathers in this shirt is high, the quality should not be very good. If you don't feel prickly, it means that the content of feathers in this shirt is relatively high, and the warmth is good.

3, with down how much to appropriate

Down content refers to the proportion of the filler in the garment that is made up of down. For example, if you buy a down jacket that is filled with 90% white duck down and 10% white feathers, it means that it has a 90% down content, which is a high specification down jacket.

When you decide to buy a down jacket, you must also look at the product label tied to the collar, the down content is less than 50% you should pay attention to because this is the minimum standard.

A really good quality down jacket is usually priced above $100, although less than $100 may not be true, at least it doesn't contain a high amount of down or the brand is out of season on clearance.


4、Fluffing volume

We must pay attention to the down filling amount of this thing and down content is not the same, down content is calculated as a percentage, and the down filling amount is filled with the actual down + down content grams, it and the size of the clothes, length, style, and other factors.

Some friends in the purchase of down jackets like to buy down filled with large, think so thick will be warmer. But you must not underestimate the down content, because the warmth of the down itself is very large, 80% of the down content than 75% of the warmth.

PS: Use force to pat a down jacket, if there is fluff or dust appears, it means that the down jacket fabric it's down resistance is very poor or stitching the eye of the needle is too big, so the down jacket will be more through thin, waterproof and breathable is not too good, for this is not recommended to buy it.


5. Fluffiness is important.

The fluffiness is an important international indicator of the warmth of down. The fluffiness determines the "quality" of the down. In the case of a comparable amount of down, the higher the fluffiness, the better the warming function. The higher the fluffiness, the more insulating air the down contains, and the better the insulation performance.

The general price of a down jacket, fluffy about 450-500, slightly higher price of down jacket, fluffy can reach 600-900.

In terms of international down jackets, down jackets with a high fluffiness are generally low in volume. As for the warm outdoor wear, it usually has a high down filling capacity and a low canopy number, which is between 650-750. Ordinary daily wear, canopy number in 450-500 will be enough.


6. Down keeps you warm, depending on filling and fluffiness! You can't just look at the fleece.

"This down jacket of ours has a 600g charge and is super warm!" Does a higher-fill down jacket keep you warmer? No! The insulation performance of down jacket and the amount of air it can fix down is positively correlated, and there are two factors that affect the amount of air a down jacket can fix down: the amount of down and the fluffiness. The product of them determines the same size down jacket insulation performance. In other words, a down jacket with 200g of down filling, 500 puffs, is probably not as warm as one with 150g of down filling, but 700 puffs of down.
When describing down jackets, many sellers only know how to advertise the down filling capacity and whether it is white or grey duck down. But fluffiness, a key indicator of down quality and filling process, is rarely mentioned. We may wish to ask the seller more about the fluffiness of the down jacket before buying.


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