B-3 U.S.A Sheepskin Bomber Shearling Jacket

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Material: Sheepskin

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Color: Brown
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Under the guidance of General Patton, we present to you a sheepskin jacket inspired by the B3 worn during World War II. This jacket carries the glory and courage of history, incorporating the spirit of selflessness that General Patton exemplified in his fight for his country and ideals. It has become a truly awe-inspiring fashion choice, gradually evolving into a classic style that is beloved by many.
With its unique design and excellent insulation, the B3 flight jacket is an ideal choice for winter wear, carrying both historical and cultural significance, paying tribute to the brave pilots who dedicated themselves to their nation. Whether in the skies of aviators or on the streets of the city, the B3 sheepskin jacket exudes its unique charm, providing warmth and confidence to those who wear it. When you put on the B3 flight jacket, you will experience the perfect blend of history and modernity, protection and style.


  • U.S.A Sheepskin Bomber Jacket

    American Sheepskin

    Renowned for its high-quality fibers and delicate surface texture, the American sheepskin used in our jackets is carefully selected and processed to ensure a soft, durable, and excellent texture. It offers exceptional comfort and a sense of fashion.

  • U.S.A Sheepskin Bomber Jacket


    Our jacket features a leather and fur integrated lining, combining premium leather with warm fur materials. The lining not only enhances insulation but also provides a comfortable touch and a luxurious texture for the wearer.

  • U.S.A Sheepskin Bomber Jacket


    Smooth-operating YKK zippers ensure easy sliding without getting stuck or damaged. This makes opening and closing the garment or pockets effortless, providing convenience and comfort for the wearer.

  • U.S.A Sheepskin Bomber Jacket


    The soft and delicate texture of the sheepskin collar provides a comfortable and warm feeling. The softness of the sheepskin collar brings warmth and comfort without causing discomfort or irritation to the neck and face.

• The designer incorporates unique concepts and techniques, such as distinctive patchwork or overlapping effects, making the garment stand out in appearance and style.
• Concealed pockets are cleverly integrated into the interior or side seams of the garment, ensuring that the entrance of the pocket is inconspicuous. Sometimes, designers use hidden zippers to further conceal the presence of the pockets, ensuring a seamless overall look.
• The YKK zippers operate smoothly, allowing for easy sliding without getting stuck or damaged. This makes opening and closing the garment or bags effortless, providing convenience and a comfortable experience for the user.


•Fabric: American sheepskin, 2mm thickness, 18mm wool length
Color: Brown leather
Zipper: Japanese brass double-ended YKK zipper

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