Movie General Patton B3 Shearling Flight Jacket

SKU: WGL10021-Ma-S

Material: Sheepskin

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Color: Magenta
Size: S

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Experience the legendary style and unparalleled warmth of the General Patton Shearling Coat, famously worn by General Patton himself. This iconic B3 shearling coat is a testament to timeless fashion and exceptional craftsmanship.



- Premium Shearling: Crafted from thick Australian sheepskin with a wool length of 18mm and a leather thickness of 3mm, this coat offers a luxurious and soft touch. The dense and plush shearling provides superior insulation and warmth.

- Classic Design: The coat features a black leather exterior with yellow shearling, creating a striking contrast. The small wings on the arms add a unique and stylish detail.

- High-Quality Materials: The coat is made with attention to detail, using a size 8 Talon brass zipper for durability and ease of use. The brown-red oil-waxed cowhide leather accents on the arms and single-side pockets add a touch of sophistication.

- Comfortable Fit: With a weight of approximately 2.5 kilograms, this coat provides a comfortable and cozy wearing experience. The tailored, short-length design adds a modern twist to the classic B3 style.

- Abundant Shearling: The coat is made with over 30 square feet of premium shearling, showcasing the exceptional quality of the imported Australian sheepskin.

- Suitable for Winter: This coat is perfect for snowy days, mountain adventures, travel, driving, and even theatrical performances. It effectively withstands harsh cold climates and blizzards, providing exceptional warmth and protection.

- Ideal Gift: Whether for family members or a significant other, this coat is the perfect gift to show your love and appreciation. Its superior warmth and timeless style make it a cherished and practical present.



- Material Type: Genuine Shearling

- Craftsmanship: Wrinkle-free treatment

- Pattern: Abstract

- Style Details: Color blocking

- Clothing Pocket Style: Three-dimensional patch pockets

- Hem Design: Straight hemline


Embrace the spirit of adventure and stay warm in the harshest winter conditions with the General Patton Shearling Coat. With its impeccable craftsmanship and luxurious materials, this coat is a true symbol of style, durability, and comfort. Step into history and make a statement with this remarkable piece of outerwear.

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