B-3 Double-layer Collar Sheepskin Jacket

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Color: Brown
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Material: Sheepskin

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Our sheepskin flight jacket is based on the classic design of the Royal Air Force (RAF) in the United Kingdom, meticulously refined to showcase higher quality and exquisite craftsmanship in the realm of fashion.
In terms of design, we prioritize the jacket's tailored fit and tactile feel to ensure comfort and a snug fit when worn. Each jacket undergoes meticulous craftsmanship, from material selection to stitching, with careful attention to detail, showcasing our commitment to quality and focus on precision.
Our sheepskin flight jacket is not only a tribute to the spirit of historical bravery but also a fashionable piece infused with modern elements. The double-layer sheepskin collar design exemplifies our attention to detail. The inner and outer collars are crafted with high-quality sheepskin material, providing a dual-layer insulation barrier. Sheepskin possesses excellent thermal properties, effectively blocking cold air and keeping you warm and comfortable in chilly weather.
This double-layer collar design not only provides additional warmth but also adds unique charm to the jacket. You can choose the appropriate collar combination based on weather conditions and personal preferences, adapting to different climates and occasions. The improved design enhances its sense of fashion, while the intricate craftsmanship showcases a high-quality texture.
We firmly believe that whether on adventurous journeys or in everyday life, our sheepskin flight jacket will become your loyal companion. It not only offers exceptional warmth and comfort but also reflects your pursuit of quality and fashion. By choosing our sheepskin flight jacket, you will own a classic and stylish garment that sets the benchmark in the fashion industry.


  • Double-layer Collar Sheepskin Jacket

    Double-layer collar design

    Unique double-layer sheepskin collar design for outstanding insulation.

  • Double-layer Collar Sheepskin Jacket

    Accentuated with leather straps

    The collar, sleeve buttons, and hem are adorned with 3mm thick cowhide leather straps, allowing flexible adjustments as needed. Showcasing exquisite craftsmanship and texture.

  • Double-layer Collar Sheepskin Jacket

    British sheepskin

    Made with British sheepskin, with a leather thickness of 3mm and a wool length of 20mm, providing both warmth and comfort.

  • Double-layer Collar Sheepskin Jacket

    Size 8 YKK zipper

    Utilizing high-quality size 8 brass YKK zippers, durable and smooth, ensuring reliable opening and closing.

• Slanted pocket design: Featuring slanted pockets, making it easier to access and retrieve items.


•Fabric: British sheepskin with a leather thickness of 3mm and a wool length of 20mm.
•Color: Deep brown leather with golden sheepskin wool.
•Weight: Five pounds.
•Zipper: Size 8 YKK zipper.

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