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The all-around urban outdoor brand

WarmGoose was founded in 2018, we are a young brand that doesn't need to be conditioned by tradition, we design the latest trendy and functional down jackets for our consumers. We're also a brand with a history, Warmgoose was formerly an OEM garment processing facility with over 30 years of manufacturing experience, we produce the highest quality, warmest outerwear for the world's top outdoor brands.
Warmgoose doesn't have to pay as much for the operational and marketing aspects of the product as larger brands do, which ultimately translates into the price to the consumer. Our operation is flat and efficient, from designing the garment, sourcing the materials, to the finished product. We don't have to sacrifice quality for profit margins, and our experienced garment makers are a big part of our brand. At Warmgoose, you get top-quality down materials, design, and craftsmanship, but at a price far below theirs.

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