You go to Night City dressed like this, wearing a cyberpunk style to the game.

Cyberpunk" is one of the most talked about buzzwords this year, and this year's most anticipated "Cyberpunk 2077" will finally go live in December 2020. From Scarlett Johansson starring in the 2017 release of "Attack the Block" to the clothing items worn today, "cyberpunk" is spreading around us at a rapid pace.

#What is "cyberpunk"?

Cyberpunk" originated from Dystopian Science Fiction, and was first defined by William Gibson in his 1984 novel "Neuromancer" in the days before computers were commonplace, and later spawned such classic animations, films, and games as "Akira Akira" and "Metal Gear Solid".


Cyberpunk" is a combination of cybernetics and punk, symbolizing the endless rebellion of people who have no illusions about the future against the ugly and corrupting powers. It depicts a future in which the world becomes one under the control of information networks; in which mechanical replacement of the human body becomes commonplace, and in which the human body and mind are dramatically altered through drugs and bioengineering. In short, the core of "cyberpunk" culture is the world of "virtual reality" under highly developed technology.

# "Cyberpunk" styling

As the weather becomes more and more severe and people pay more attention to health, people start to pay more and more attention to the sports and functional attributes of clothing. Consumers' pursuit of convenient functional designs and materials has led to a futuristic look called "cyberpunk".

Rather than a style, I think the "cyberpunk" look is more of a cosplay, a concept brought to us by Toshio Kojima (the developer of the game Metal Gear Solid), who introduced the concept of character costumes, where "cyberpunk" clothing is a mix of old and sci-fi elements such as armor, machines, and ninjas. One of the leading brands of the "cyberpunk" style, ACRONYM, cannot be left out.

ACRONYM's owner and designer Errolson Hugh is a huge fan of Neuromancer author William Gibson, who has repeatedly expressed his love for ACRONYM. ACRONYM's avant-garde styling, outdoor-grade fabrics and practical details make up its unique "cyberpunk" style. In addition, ACRONYM also incorporates the concept of fashionable tailoring and layering, which you can see in its lookbook as a demonstration of multi-piece layering and some of the hottest trends of the moment.

The core of "cyberpunk" is "virtual reality", and the "cyberpunk" created by these functional pieces is infused with military, mechanical and other futuristic elements to create a surreal sci-fi fashion that makes people feel like they are in the future, which is very interesting.


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