How To Match A Classic Biker Jacket

Make a real statement with an ultra-cut jacket that perfectly showcases your bottom half. If you want to keep the cut-off nature at a more subtle length, opt for a cut that sits just below your waist, allowing you to nip in and flatter your beautiful curves. 


Whether suede or patent leather, with drama in the jacket you can never do anything wrong. It is the best way to spice up any outfit with a Western touch. You will attract the attention of passers-by and you will look like a superstar no matter where you go.

If it's not broken, don't fix it. Vintage leather jackets are the best way to earn yourself style by upcycling beloved clothes. Men's jackets, oversized bombers and blazers are the perfect way to add old-school flair to a modern outfit.


The biker jacket is one of the most popular categories of leather jackets on the market, but there is a wide selection of alternative styles to choose from: cafe racer jackets, bomber jackets, flight jackets and field coats. Each alternative style has developed its own sense of unique character, allowing you to create a look that is perfect for you. Here is your handy tutorial on how to wear a leather jacket that looks like a biker.


Patching up her jacket may seem like a great idea, and most of the time she looks cool. If you look at stereotypical bikers and punks, they have stains on their leather, usually a huge back patch sewn on the back of the leather with a small label or name on the front. The thing is, patches can make you look punky, and they're often associated with alternative scenes and fashionable niches.


And of course, a pair of boots with a leather jacket can look cool, while the right sneakers will add charm to your style and really make you look like a biker. If you are looking for a good leather jacket and know how to combine it with your outfit, you just need the perfect jacket to look good. It all starts with where you buy the jacket and try it on in an online shop or on a size chart.


Buying a leather jacket is not an easy decision. It's a serious step in a man's life. Leather jackets are an investment, and with good quality they last for decades. Considering the longevity of a good leather jacket, it's worth bragging about. However, leather jackets can be expensive to buy. 



Wear a plain black and white T-shirt with a biker jacket and ripped jeans. It can also be combined with boots or sneakers. Wear a metal bracelet to match your jacket zipper buttons to add some street style to the look. 


To impress your colleagues, layer a biker-style leather jacket with buttons on the shirt sleeves (I mean, see picture below). Style your jeans with high cuffs and wear your favorite accessories. Have fun with your accessories, as in the picture above. 


Stick to a dark palette of black and white, with hints of grey and brown to soften the monochrome. Play with layers of knit and crisp button-down shirts and switch between slim-fitting black jeans and woolen trousers depending on the temperature. Chelsea boots and leather laces add Parisian sophistication.


Avoid embellishments and heavy padding and let the weight of cut and suede hug your shoulders. Choose a minimal collar, cuffs and ribs for a look that is collegial rather than corporate. Stick to a uniform bomber that works for everyone, not just bikers, and consider tan, brown, suede or polished black. Leather jackets do the work in a modern office. Zips and buttons are mixed and pockets are kept to a minimum.


They want just enough looseness so that it pinches at no angle, but no more than that. Leather is stiff and draped, so oversized jackets can swell and flare up in strange and unattractive ways. Start with a good fit - leather doesn't adapt very well, so you need to buy the right shape from the start.

Just because it's leather doesn't mean it has to be put on. Make sure that cleanliness and comfort go with your outfit. Not all jackets work well with this formality, so you don't have to throw a bang-up double rider over your khakis and button-down and go to work.


A motorcycle jacket is, to say the least, a universal classic. The style features a front zipper in the middle, a layered zipper on the lapel and front pockets. Motorcycle jackets are usually cut short and have thick metal buckles and belts. They also have a lot of metal details, such as epaulettes, buckles, snap fasteners and zippers. 


Leather is called "upper grain" because it needs to be corrected in some way. A thin layer of top grain is brushed to eliminate imperfections. Having such blemishes is desirable because it is expensive and durable. 


Whole grain consists of the entire skin, including the outer layer of the skin. It is tough and durable, full of blemishes and stains from the life of animals. In most jackets, upper grain is preferred because it has smoothed the entire outer skin, resulting in a more even surface.

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