Mens Down Spyder Jackets
Mens Down Spyder Jackets
Mens Down Spyder Jackets
Mens Down Spyder Jackets
Mens Down Spyder Jackets
Mens Down Spyder Jackets
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Mens Down Spyder Jackets

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Men‘s Size Guide Woman’s Size Guide

  Chest Hip Arm Length
S 91-96 cm 88-93 cm 85 cm
  36-38 in 35-37 in 33.5 in
M 91-104 cm 96-101 cm 86 cm
  39-41 in 38-40 in 34.0 in
L 106-111 cm 104-109 cm 88 cm
  42-44 in 41-43 in 34.8 in
XL 114-121 cm 111-116 cm 90 cm
  45-48 in 44-46 in 35.5 in
2XL 124-132 cm 119-124 cm 92 cm
  49-52 in 47-49 in 36.3 in
3XL 134-142 cm 127-132 cm 94 cm
  53-56 in 50-52 in 37 in
  Chest Waist Hips Arm Length
XS 78-81 cm 60-63 cm 83-88 cm 85 cm
  31-32 in 24-25 in 33-35 in 31.5 in
S 83-88 cm 66-71 cm 91-93 cm 86 cm
  33-35 in 26-28 in 36-37 in 32.0 in
M 91-96 cm 73-78 cm 96-101 cm 88 cm
  36-38 in 29-31 in 38-40 in 32.5 in
L 96-104 cm 81-86 cm 104-109 cm 90 cm
  39-41 in 32-34 in 41-43 in 33.3 in
XL 106-111 cm 88-96 cm 111-119 cm 92 cm
  42-44 in 35-38 in 44-47 in 34.0 in
2XL 114-121 cm 99-106 cm 121-129 cm 94 cm
  45-48 in 39-42 in 48-51 in 34.8 in

Warmgoose's new ski jacket. Personalized patchwork design, higher strength shell material. Inner layer is made of heat reflective material, no fear of wind and snow.

  • Downproofness Lining

    Downproofness Lining

    High-density lining and finer stitching maximize the downproofness properties. Even after prolonged use, the down remains difficult to leak.

  • warmgoose Wind and water repellent fabric

    Wind & water repellent fabric

    The latest technical fabrics provide wind and water repellent capabilities while ensuring that the garment material is lightweight and hard-wearing. Effectively blocks the entry of cold air and rain.

  • Fluffy down

    Fluffy down

    More fluffy down construction than conventional down, more warm air is retained for the same weight. More warm air means more warmth.

  • warmgoose Anti-mite Areatment Down

    Anti-mite Down

    Anti-mite A Treatment Down, which is more friendly to sensitive skin, protects our skin through a special process that purifies the down from mites and other microbes.


Product Detail
     Design Features
  • Windproof fabrics
  • Waterproof fabric
  • 80% duck down filling
  • Elastic cuff design
  • Waterproof zipper
  • Inner heat reflective material
  • One-piece hood design
  • Warm and windproof placket
  • 2 oversized zippered pockets provide more space and warmth

     Manufacturing Process
  • Average down filling capacity of 200g/7oz, 90% high-quality white duck down
  • The inner fabric is made of 400 pinholes retractable fabric with a distributed down filling process
  • The latest round head 7 fine needle sewing machine, in the double inner layer of fabric covered with a layer of cotton fabric, effectively avoiding the drilling of velvet


  • True to size, regular fit
  • It can be paired with a sweatshirt or jersey for a relaxed and casual look.

Product Care

  • Hand wash cold & dry cleaning & don't twist dry.
  • Please refer to our professional guide on washing and caring for down jackets.

Size Guide

Size Chest Arm Length Cloth Length
  cm/in cm/in cm/in
S 108.0 cm  74.0 cm 72.0 cm
  42.4 in 29.1 in 28.3 in
M 112.0 cm 76.0 cm 74.0 cm
  44.0 in 29.9 in 29.1 in
L 120.0 cm 80.0 cm 78.0 cm
  47.2 in 31.4 in 30.7 in
XL 128.0 cm 84.0 cm 82.0 cm
  50.3 in 33.0 in 32.2 in
2XL 134.0 cm 87.0 cm 85.0 cm
  52.7 in 34.2 in 33.4 in
3XL 140.0 cm 90.0 cm 88.0 cm
  55.0 in 35.4 in 34.6 in
  • water resistant

    PU Membrane & Coating

    PU membrane is a polyurethane barrier under the fabric, which has millions of pores per square inch, with each pore hundreds of times smaller than a water droplet. These tiny holes are too small for water to pass through quickly. PU coating allows water beads to roll off to keep the fabric as dry as possible. You'll stay dry and warm in light rain or fog.

  • durable fabric

    WOE-TEX with High Density

    Waterproof Encryption Oxford fabric use yarns with durable and resilient filaments. These filaments lock together to create a durable and abrasion-resistant fabric, which has a high density than other general fabric. This engineered structure allows fabrics to remain very stable over extended wear and washing.

  • 1

    Windproof Designs

    PU membrane is an ultra-thin protective layer that is laminated to a high-density Oxford fabric, making the fabric totally windproof. Removable hood with snap buttons and drawstring at the waist help to seal out wind and seal in warmth. Ribbed elastic cuffs provide a close, comfortable fit for added weather protection.

  • 1

    Insulated Polyester Wadding

    Adapt high-quality polyester wadding, each ounce of them has thousands of fluffy hollow fiber that interlock and overlap to create insulating pockets of air, it prevents cold air leaking through seam and stops inner heat to run out, which is what keeps you toasty and warm.